Final project

the final project has to involve mold making of some kind. we have recently learned how to make two-part molds. plaster is now our friend. or should be. i found this assignment to be a little terrifying at first. i have no experience with plaster. it’s also the end of the year and the creative part of my brain has long since abandoned me. but i do like experimenting. and i like being limited to a certain medium. too many choices freaks me out. so i decided i’d just start casting everything i could get my hands on, and see what happened. fortunately, one of the first objects i used was a success. i cast Magnolia leaves, and found that if you pour plaster on the underside of the leaf- the fuzzy side- the fuzz comes off when you peal off the leaf, and leaves a slightly fuzzy plaster leaf. also if you cast the top of the leaf, the waxy texture of the leaf makes it really easy to take off, and the plaster picks up on all the veins in the leaf. so i’ve been making as many leaves as i can. i’m still not sure what i will do with them, but i have a feeling i will need a lot of them. i mean, multiples always work, right?

Some works that grabbed my attention. still don’t know what i am doing with my plaster leaves, so this will be a growing list of images as i narrow my vision.

even though i’m using plaster, not metal, i like the idea of a reflective surface…

obviously liking this reflective surface idea..

another way to reflect. tossing around ideas of light and shadow too.


the project is done, very happy.  but i can’t find my cord to get the photos off my camera!  arrrrggg!!!!!!

Statement of Intent for final project-

The sculpture entitled Gusty measures approx. 10’x7’x4”.  It is composed of about 60 plaster leaves hung on the wall in an upward curvy pattern.  the backside of the leaves, which are attached to the wall, are painted either bright blue, green, or yellow.  The front side of the leaves are left bare, the white plaster showing the delicate veins of the leaves from which they were cast.  The bright backside of the leaves reflects off the wall, causing a halo of color to surround each leaf as it swirls up the wall.

This project is the result of how I, as an artist, like to work.  I enjoy a repetitive process that moves towards my central goal of expressing a gut reaction.  The gut reaction driving me during the creation of this piece was the feeling of being caught in a sudden gust of wind.  There is a moment of exhilaration mixed with an odd peace.  The exhilaration provided the energy for sending the plaster leaves up the wall, while the feeling of peace is displayed in the meticulous care given to the finishing of each leaf.  By keeping these feelings as the foundation of the piece, the leaves were allowed to show their natural simplicity and elegance, and be enhanced, instead of overshadowed, by color and arrangement.


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