this page is devoted to the first project- make an animal.


here are some pictures i stumbled upon and particularly liked, when i was looking for horse sculptures.  i decided to make a horse, a shaky choice since, in the past, i’ve been less than thrilled with my horse themed sculptures.  but this proves, if nothing else, that i’m persistent.  or stubborn.

horse from pieces of wood


Statement of Intent for first sculpture- (photo of piece is coming)

The sculpture, entitled “Plush”, measures 2’x2’x9”.  It is composed largely of plastic bags with a wire and styrofoam armature.  The plastic bags have been twisted into rosettes and painted purple.  The structure of the body was actually inspired by a My Little Pony, with the legs being so thick they are fused together, and the body is so round it loses definition.  The neck is also too short, and twisted around at an impossible angle.  The overall shape of the body gives the feeling of a stuffed animal, while the material lends a tacky character.

One of my initial ideas with this piece was to use a common material, but alter it.  I thought of plastic bags as a very cheap alternative to animal stuffing.  Horse sculpture always seems to be either elegant or extremely cutesy.  Either way, horses are known as “beautiful” animals, but they are very commercialized, and that concept would not seem to leave me alone as I worked.  Therefore, the finished piece brings to mind plastic toy horses, and also the excess involved in producing and distorting the image of this creature.


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