Posted by: mollytate | April 23, 2008

final project inspiration?

some works that grabbed my attention.  still don’t know what i am doing with my plaster leaves, so this will be a growing list of images as i narrow my vision.


 even though i’m using plaster, not metal, i like                                                                                                  the idea of a reflective surface…

   obviously liking this reflective surface idea..

  another way to reflect.  tossing around ideas of light and shadow too.

Posted by: mollytate | April 22, 2008

Trying again

since my previous blog decided to go missing, i’m trying my best to re-create what i had.  fortunately, most of what i had written originated in my scrapbook, which has not left me.  so, though most everything in here is a duplicate from earlier in the semester, the roots are the same.

meanwhile, if anyone finds a lost blog wandering around just like this one, let me know.